Sep 212010

#0023 ArminLeggan™ Imitation Rubber Arm (left) with handle

This solid rubber life like arm allows for a more realistic approach to training. This item is not a toy and should be used by a professional trainer in a realistic training setting. The rubber limb is slightly flexible. Imitation rubber left arm is handmade and comes in a “ flesh-tone”. The color, weight and length may vary slightly in manufacturing, but averages 5 lbs. and 22 inches in overall length.

All items have a special purpose and are manufactured by hand. Because each item is manufactured by hand, allow up to four weeks delivery. Shipping is included in the price if shipped within the continental U.S.We ship UPS ground or US Post Office, unless otherwise requested. We do not ship outside the U.S. mainland.

Rubber Arm Demo

ArminLeggin™ Imitation Rubber Left Arm

ArminLeggin™ Imitation Rubber Left Arm

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