K-9 Training Sleeves and Equipment


Welcome to K9tec.com. We are a company that develops and sells innovative canine aggression and bite training supplies for professional law enforcement and military dog trainers. We specialize in advanced equipment  for reality based aggression training and proofing. Our sleeves are made to wear on the outside to allow a more realistic look and feel. They do not carry the same smell or bulk of tradition jute sleeves. This provides the user different options. The sleeves can also be used as gauntlets to provide extra protection under certain bite suits.

In addition the ArminLeggan(tm) products are now available. These synthetic rubber appendages offer the controlled aggression trainer a means to train closer to reality than ever before.  All of our equipment should be utilized in a controlled limited environment by experienced professional trainers. Our equipment is not designed for repetitive foundational training or to be used by non-professional trainers that do not understand the risks and responsibility regarding canine behavior or aggression.

We also provide safety equipment for those who assist in working with potentially aggressive animals. Our equipment may be used to control, test or proof dogs with potentially aggressive behavior.

Made In America

Hand made in America

All items have a special purpose and are manufactured by hand in America. Because each item is manufactured by hand, allow up to six weeks delivery. We only ship in the continental U.S. unless contacted directly for consideration. Shipping is included in the price, if shipped within the continental U.S. We ship standard UPS ground or US Postal delivery.